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On June 14, a team from ICA-AP visited the Delhi Healthcare Cooperative Limited to understand it’s working, functions, and future plans. The Bhajanpura Co-operative Urban Thrift and Credit Society, which has been in operation for 28 years, started the Healthcare cooperative in 2017 to meet the needs of its members. The team was welcomed by members of both cooperatives who comprise of teachers, doctors, bankers, and other public sector employees.  It was interesting to see that while the members were above 60 years in age; the CEO was half their age, in his mid-30s. What was not diminished was their entrepreneurial spirit and their determination in starting the health cooperative after visiting one in the state of Kerala.  Below is the analysis of the Delhi HealthCare Cooperative through the seven cooperative principles:


Presentation about the Delhi HealthCare Cooperative Society.


  • Voluntary and open membership: membership is open to individuals from the healthcare background only. The cooperative is exploring the Kerala (India) and Nepal healthcare models to include individuals from non-healthcare background as well.

  • Democratic member control: The cooperative has been recently registered; the frequency and transparency of elections is to be ascertained.

  • Member economic participation: Donations from individuals and the parent cooperative, Bhajanpura Thrift and Credit Cooperative Limited. 

  • Autonomy and Independence – face constraints in amending their bylaws which impacts their vision to include individuals from non-healthcare background as members.

  • Education, Training, and information – The medical camps are used to educate people about cooperatives and health related issues.

  • Cooperation among cooperatives – The Bhajanpura Thrift and Credit Cooperative Limited  provides funds to meet operational costs and space to house the Delhi Healthcare Cooperative.

  • Concern for community – The cooperative was started to address the rising costs of private medical treatment and the fading trust of people in medical professionals. The cooperative aims to make healthcare services available to all and not just to the ones who can afford it.


At the end of a fruitful visit to the Delhi healthcare cooperative!