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Organizing farmers and strengthening marketing activities of farmers organisations is essential for ensuring sound development of agriculture and activation of rural economies. The first ICA - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) Japan Training Course on “Fostering Coordinators to Build Food Value Chains,”  was held in Japan from September 13 to October 6 2017. There were eight participants from India, Mongolia, Malaysia, Mongolia,  Philippines, and Thailand. 


Participants of the training in Japan


The three weeks training course held at Institute for the Development of Agricultural Co-operation in Asia (hereafter called “IDACA”) covered topics such as outline of agriculture in Japan, historical background, organisation and business activities of Japanese agricultural co-operatives, distribution system of vegetables and fruits, marketing and purchasing business of agricultural co-operatives and the role of wholesale market. There were visits to farms and co-operatives to see their value chain activities. The participants were encouraged to share their knowledge through presentation of country reports; emphasis was put on preparation of individual action plan to be implemented in their respective coops using the learning from the training.