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Mr. Stephen Sallun


Mr. Stephen Sallun. Image credit: Facebook



Mr. Stephen Sallun, Registrar Office of Cooperative Societies (OCS), Papua New Guinea (PNG) passed away on July 15. Mr. Sallun supported the development of cooperatives in PNG and believed that cooperatives were key to driving PNG’s agriculture-based economy, as most people depend on it for their livelihood. Mr. Sallun was instrumental in the OCS becoming a member of ICA in 2015.


In July 2017, Mr. Sallun was appointed by the Government of PNG as Registrar of Cooperative Societies Office within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Registrar is the custodian of the Cooperative Societies Act (amended 1985) and the position reports directly to the Minister for Commerce and Industry. He was the President of the University of PNG Executive Master's Program with over 350 members, on the College Board of Saint Joseph International Catholic College and a member of the PNG Think Tank Group. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to his family and cooperators in PNG and across the Pacific for their loss.