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            At the Maktab Koperasi Cooperative in Malaysia.


A preparatory meeting for ICA-JAPAN Training Course on “Fostering and Improving Management of Agricultural Cooperatives in Africa” was held at the office of the Cooperative College of Malaysia between October 24-26 2017.  Mr. Nakashima Toru and Mr. Hiroshi Terunuma from IDACA, Japan, Mr. A.K. Taneja from ICA-AP and  Following officers from CCM attended the meeting - Ms. Aishah Binti Ariffin, Senior Director, CCM Central Zone, Ms. Sharina Binti Abdullah, Director, Centre for Policy & International, and Ms. Rahmathbee Zarinatun Binti Mohd. Abdul Kader, Lecturer, Centre of Policy & International.  In the meeting, after discussions, tentative subjects were finalised for the training course, keeping in mind the advice from MAFF that "training should be designed with basic subjects on organizing and management of agricultural cooperatives and development of business systems.  It will also include the study of some successful cases related to the development of agricultural cooperatives".  Dr. Sifa Chiyoge, Regional Director, ICA-Africa, shared her views over Skype about the subjects selected, countries to be invited and arrangements at CCM. We had a round of the facilities at the CCM.  The team visited some of the multi-purpose cooperatives near Kuala Lumpur and finalized them for the training course.