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The Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), the apex body of cooperatives, represents 99% of the cooperatives in Singapore! One of their strategic interests is to increase engagement with young Singaporeans.

The Campus and Youth Team of SNCF implements the Campus Strategic Plan to ‘Educate (advocacy through the education industry and stakeholders), Explore (raise understanding of the co-op movement, values and principles), and Engage (active participation and support from stakeholders to be part of a co-op)’ young people. The Team implements a combination of programmes and services to ‘increase awareness of cooperatives amongst youth and develop sustainable cooperatives/coop clubs.’ The SNCF Campus and Youth Team supports cooperatives run in various educational institutions at the primary, secondary and tertiary level. They support Coop clubs, which are extra-curricular activities, to strengthen the knowledge of students about cooperatives; provide students with first-hand experience of running a business based on cooperative values; learn business-development, leadership, and inter-personal skills; and inspire them to set-up cooperatives.  Social entrepreneurship training is imparted, and platforms created for representatives from different campus cooperatives to talk with one another. Overseas coop exchange visits are arranged for high-caliber students to learn about the functioning of cooperatives in other countries.


The SNCF Co-op Scholarship has been set-up to attract bright and motivated undergraduate students to the cooperative fold. The scholarship, capped at four years, covers full tuition fees, and provides allowance for maintenance, accommodation and computer grant. Upon graduation, the Scholar is to be bonded to SNCF for a period of up to four years and may be deployed to work in cooperatives and related sectors. During the scholarship period, SNCF arranges for scholars to take on roles that provide

provide exposure and learning opportunities and the chance to attend cooperative-related forums and seminars. 


Through a comprehensive set of activities and programs, SNCF is cultivating a supportive ecosystem for campus cooperatives to grow and thrive.


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