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The Japanese Consumers’ Cooperative Union (JCCU) received the Deputy Chief of the SDGs Promotion Headquarters (Chief Cabinet Secretary) Prize at the second Japan SDGs Award.  These awards have been set up by the Japanese government to recognize the unique and effective work undertaken by companies and organizations to realize the SDGs, which will also serve as catalysts for other organizations to undertake similar work.


JCCU receives the 2nd Japan SDGs award at the Prime ministers’ office. (Photo credit:


According to the update on the JCCU website, ‘In this award, two points were evaluated. One is the development and supply of CO·OP Brand Products by adopting the concept of ethical consumption. Secondly, as a national federation of consumer co-ops, JCCU is supporting its member co-ops nationwide in their initiatives for achieving SDGs from both sides of business and activities.’ JCCU has been involved in developmental activities for a long time, since it established ‘The Ideal of Japanese Consumer Co-ops Movement for the 21st Century’ in 1997. It further strengthened these efforts by adopting a ‘Co-op Action Plan for SDGs’ at their 68th General Assembly. You can read more about the Plan here.