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Dear Members,


Happy International Day of Cooperatives! 


On July 6th we will mark the 97th International Cooperative Day and the 25th United Nations International Day of Cooperatives! The cooperative movement will be celebrating the #CoopsDay, under the theme COOPS 4 DECENT WORK. 


At the 108th International Labour Conference on the occasion of the Centenary of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the ‘ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, 2019 was adopted. Thanks to the work done by ICA, member organizations and stakeholders, the Declaration  recognizes cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy.  The text states as follows: “The ILO must direct its efforts to (…) supporting the role of the private sector as a principal source of growth and job creation by promoting an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and sustainable enterprises, as well as cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy in order to generate decent work, productive employment and improved living standards for all.''


The Centenary Conference also adopted an unpreendented Convention and accompanying Recommendation  to combat violence and harassment in the world of work, as well as a Declaration charting the way towards a human-centred future of work. ICA has committed itself to “respect, promote, and act diligently to support the fundamental tenets of decent work” through the  ICA Declaration on Decent Work and Against Harassment


In the Asia-Pacific region, ICA-AP and members are promoting decent work at a number of levels. At the C20 Summit which took place in April in Tokyo, the Japan Worker’s Cooperative Union was able to insert cooperatives in the policy packs.  The policy paper on Labour, Business and Human Rights which provides recommendations on policies to support decent employment states, "Adoption by G20 members of systems of protection of youth employment in all its organizational forms (employment, self-employment, cooperative movements etc.) within the framework of workers' rights and social security as guarantors of inclusion to the G20 goal of reducing the percentage of young people who are most at risk.”  


The Study on Industrial and Service Cooperatives in the Asia-Pacific region carried out by ICA-AP and CICOPA, the International Organisation of the Industrial and Service Cooperatives, calls for the enactment of new legislations for Cooperatives in Industrial and Service Sectors (CIS) with a clear definition of CIS in line with international conventions and standards; facilitate start-ups of young cooperative entrepreneurs;  introduce conducive policies for CIS - financing cooperative start-ups with worker members; and legislations to include social protection and rights at work with decent work should be at the centre.


Cooperatives, as people-centered enterprises and key development actors, have a strong role to play in creating decent jobs and empowering economically and socially local communities.  Let us use the day to increase awareness on the work being done to promote decent work and underscore the contributions we are making to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 8: “promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”


Please do share with us how you are celebrating #coopsday at the 2019 #CoopsDay interactive map