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Sara Vicari (second from left) with Meena Pokhrel (center) & members of the Bhabishya Nirman cooperative.


The ‘’ project, undertaken by the ICA-EU Partnership and the Association,, aims to collect and document stories of cooperatives from around the world that have contributed to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development by using creative and innovative methods. The project’s aim is to raise the visibility of cooperatives in improving people’s wellbeing, enhancing awareness on the role of collective action developed by cooperatives, and sharing knowledge on methodologies for participatory action research. The Association will travel around the world for a year visiting cooperatives and creating short films, case studies and blogs.


In Nepal, the team documented the ‘Bhabishya Nirman’ Sana Kishan Krishi Sahakari Sastha Ltd. – ‘Future Creation’ Small Farmers Agriculture Cooperative; an agricultural saving and credit cooperative located in Dakshinkali municipality, in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Founded in 2012, it is a member of the Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation Ltd. Bhabsihya Nirman has 920 members, of whom 80% are women and 60% are youth! The cooperative has played an important role in improving smallholder farmers’ lives, freeing them from debt traps and creating opportunities for income-generating activities such as livestock rearing, organic vegetable farming, poultry farming and other small business activities. Services provided range from saving and credit to training, monitoring, mentoring and marketing. The cooperative also has an agro-input supply shop.


The video produced by the team is now live and can be viewed by clicking here.