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Ta’awon: Making Co-operatives fun and accessible





"Ta'awon" is an educational game that markets the new cooperative logo " coop " and the principles of co-operatives. The idea of this game is very simple and straight forward. The players can move forward until they stand on a coloured box that determines the colour of the card; each colour stands for one of the seven cooperative principles. Each card contains a right or wrong statement about the principle, and an order that makes you go back or go forward. The player then pulls the cards, reads it, then carries out the order on it. For example, the first principle is “Open Membership”, one of the card states that "you registered on your choice after you knew about the invitation to become a coop member” which is a right action, so the card orders you to move one step forward.


ILO unveils its ‘Decent Work’ platform




The ILO has recently unveiled a digital platform that seeks to demystify the needs and efforts of ensuring decent work for the youth. This platform forms part of a larger initiative of the ILO to tap into the tremendous resource power of the youth, and empower them with a respectable and sustainable livelihood. It has a ‘dedicated program for youth employment operating through a global network of specialists working across ILO at its headquarters in Geneva.’ The digital platform seeks to connect organizations, collectives and people willing to share and learn ‘good practices’ of ensuring decent work for the youth. One can also contribute ideas to this website, which might get included in their report on the same. This is an interesting initiative towards spreading knowledge, building possible partnerships and advocating for more youth-friendly policies, especially around employment.