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12th ICA - AP Regional Cooperative Research Conference 2017

Cooperatives: The key solution for Social Innovation

Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, November 11-12, 2017



The 12th International Cooperative Alliance - Asia and Pacific Regional Cooperative Research Conference was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on November 11-12, 2017. The Department of Management of Cooperatives at the Graduate School in Sungkonghoe University, hosted the conference. 


The theme of the 12th ICA-AP Research Conference was, Cooperatives: The key solution for Social Innovation. The term ‘innovation’ has mostly been used in the science, technology and business field. However, given the environmental, political, and social crisis affecting countries around the world, there is a need to look at solutions that are not addressed by the market and by conventional forms of entrepreneurship. There is a role to be played by social economy actors, in particular, cooperatives in the area of social innovation. There is a need for active collaboration in public, private and civil sector sphere to address social challenges. The conference shared innovative perspectives that co-operatives bring in solving social problems at the local, national and global levels.


The conference was well-attended by researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students, social enterprise and social economy sectors who shared their experiences in issues related to social innovation and co-operatives. The practical knowledge set a stage for the debate between theoretical and practical field.




Techincal Session -1

Session Chair: Morris Altman

Stream: Finance


  1.  Cooperative and Social Innovation in Finance- A Case Study of Mann Deshi Mahila Cooperative Bank - Mr. Ajit Kumar (Reserve Bank of India)
  2.  Democratizing Captial: Building Union-Coop Partnerships through Economically Targeted Investing and Crowd funding Innovations in the U.S. 
    - Minsun Ji (Political Science Department, University of Colorado, Denver)
  3. Effects of Non-financial Competency on Financial Performance in Korean Health Welfare Social Co-operatives: Using BSC framework 
    - Hyunmuk Lim, Jinseon Seo (Sungkonghoe University)
  4. Cooperative Sector Grading-A Social Innovation in Finance 
    - Arunima Guha (Infomerics Valuation & Ratings Pvt Ltd)



Techincal Session -2

Session Chair: T. Paranjothi

Stream: Proucers/Consumer Cooperatives


  1. Compatibility of the Interests of Producers and Those of Firms in Cooperatives: Lessons from Producer-owned Dairy Cooperatives in India 
    - Jieun Jang (Lumir Inc)
  2. Marketing of Locally Produced Agro Product of Small Farmer Agriculture Cooperative: Analysis of Producer's Potential And Consumer's Interest 
    - Deepakar Rupakheti (Nepal Agriculture Cooperative Central Federation Ltd)
  3. Social Innovative Enterprises: Ubiquitous Cooperatives in the State of Tamil Nadu, India 
    -C. Pitchai (Gandhigram Rural Institue- Deemed University)
  4. What is the Role of Co-operative in Developed Country? People think Consumer Co-operative are like Supermarkets in Japan 
    - Tatsuro Miyazaki ( Consumer Cooperative Institue- Deemed University)
  5. Social Innovations in Organic Foods in Rainfed India: the case of Dharani FaM Coop Ltd
  6. - sathish Kumar (Dharani FaM Coop Ltd), Shambu Prasad (Institute of Rural Management, Anand)



Techincal Session - 3

Session Chair: Seungkwon Jang

Stream: Youth and Education


  1. Fostering Co-operation: Can Membership Education increase a Co-operatives Ability to Mobilize Community through Organizational Social Capital? 
    - Emi Do (Tokyo University of Agriculture)
  2. The Cooperative School: Education via Innovation 
    - Anahita Eslahpazir (Rah-e-roshd educational cooperative complex)
  3.  A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of PHCCL Summer Youth Program Tutees Turned LabCoop Officers 
    - Ma. Jenny C. Advincula (Perpetual Help Credit Multipurpose Cooperative Tacloban)
  4. Social Media as an Effective Tool for Social Innovation in Indian Cooperatives: Potentialities for Youth Employment 
    - Sanjay Kumar Verma (National Cooperative Union of India)


Techincal Session - 4

Session Chair: Akira Kurimoto

Stream: Enivornment and Energy


  1. Community-based Tourism through Co-operatives in Sabah 
    - Najmah binti Nawawi (Cooperative College of Malaysia)
  2. Use of ground water: Introduction of Innovative Energy Service Model through SFACL 
    - Rudra Bhattarai, Meena Pokhrel (Nepal Agriculture Cooperative Central Federation Ltd)
  3. "Inefficient" Locally Produced Biodiesel Effective Following the Great East Japan Earthquake 
    - Akihisa Nonaka (Tohoku Agriculture Research Centre, NARO)
  4. Role of Cooperatives in Climate Smart Agriculture 
    - Manjula Ramachandra (Institue for Social and Economic Change)
  5. Creating new commons: a case study on the iCOOP's concern for community 
    - Chan-Hee Yeom (Head of Research Committee, iCOOP Co-operatives Institue)



Techincal Session - 5

Session Chair: Anthony Jensen

Stream: Cooperatives and Work


  1. Commitment of Co-operative Workers on the Movement: The Case of Japanese Consumers Co-op 
    - Kagami Taiki (Shujitsu University)
  2. Performance of Solidarity in worker Co-operatives: a cross-comparative research between Argentinian and British cases 
    - Paola A. Raffaelli (University of Roehampton)
  3. The Social Economy of Worker Co-operatives: A Case study on Worker Co-operatives as a Solution to the Issue of Contractualization in the Philippines 
    - Leo G. Parma (Kagawani Foundation INC), Maria Antonette D. Pasquin (University of Asia and Pacific), Bienvenido P. Nito (Center for Research & Communication)
  4. Disruptive Technologies in Co-operative Society Creation of New Breed of Organisations 
    - Stanley P. Elango (Institue of Cooperative Management)


Techincal Session - 6

Session Chair: Sang-Youn Lee

Stream: Social Service and Gender


  1. A Social Cooperative in Thailand Pattern of Social Enterprise 
    - Y. Chalida (Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalya university, Lampang Campus)
  2. Health insurance as social innovation for farmers in cooperatives: Lessons from Yeshasvini in Karnataka, India 
    - Rajasekhar Durgam (institue for Social and Economic Change)
  3. Cooperatives and Communities Growing Together 
    - Leaha Skylar Dotson
  4. Rethinking about conflict transformation through cooperative organisation: A case study of women cooperatives in Western Province of Rwanda
    - Albert IRAMBESHYA (University of Rwanda)
  5. Collaborative Leadership for gender mainstreaming in dairy cooperatives: Social Innovation of Vasudhara Dairy in Gujarat 
    - Neha Christie (Institute of Rural Management, Anand)